ES160 flex printing machine

PRODUCTS:WER-ES160 1.6m Eco Solvent Printer, posters printing machine, banner printer

Mr. Adewale Adebiyi, our regular customer from Africa, we started business cooperation since the year of 2015. He is a graphic designer and printer operator in an advertising company. After operating of our printers for years, the below comments are concluded from his experience with our machines. In their local printing industry, many companies use the Galaxy machines as Galaxy is famous, “people buy names”. Actually, you can get the better printing quality with even lower price from us, welcome to contact us if any
need, your satisfaction is the motive that we pursue! Welcome the guests at home and abroad come to talk over the business!

His business has been providing signage design to the community for years. The secret of their lasting success? According to what he said, “Two things: customers & quality.”

WER Quality Wins trust

To keep quality, Adewale trusts WER.The company currently uses Smart WER-ES160 flex printing machine, 63″digital printer.“Every time when we print,we print a WER logo,” said Adewale.

“In my first owning WER, I understand what the printer had cost me. After that, it was an easy way,” he said. “I don’t know why anybody would buy any printer but a WER.”

Years ago, after his business grown up , he met WER。 Now he starts his own family business。 “You can achieve a lot with a few people and a genius,” he said。

“In my first owning WER, I understand what the printer had cost me。 After that, it was an easy way,”

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