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UV Curing System Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2028

UV Curing System Market Introduction


UV curing is the process by which ultraviolet light is used to initiate the photochemical reaction, generating a cross-linked network of polymers. The UV curing system is the cross chemical reaction when UV ink or varnish is used on the object and when it passes and gets cured when it passes through UV light. The system is used to cure adhesives, polymer resins, coatings, and other UV curable resin products. UV curing systems use spot, focused, and flood beam light in order to provide ultraviolet illumination. These systems are also available in various configurations.


mg游戏娱乐官网UV curing systems are widely adopted across industries owing to the various benefits such as rising adoption of UV LED, reduced power consumption, low operation, and maintenance cost, and easy disposal.


mg游戏娱乐官网UV Curing System Market Dynamics


Increasing adoption of UV LED Curing Technology for Printing Driving UV Curing System Market Growth


UV LED curing is finding wide application in the graphics application, especially in digital inject printing, sheetfed offset printing, screen printing, and flex printing. Rapid growth can be witnessed in these areas, with the fastest growth in sheetfed offset printing. Companies are also offering LED cured UV inks for sheetfed offset printing for sustainable print. In recent years, the advancement and development in LED manufacturing technology along with compatible inks has led to energy-efficient, long life, and low heat LED UV curing systems. This has resulted in a wide adoption of UV printing with LED UV curing.


Sheetfed commercial printing is shifting to UV LED because of improved print quality, productivity, and reduction in energy consumption. Meanwhile, in response to the growing demand for high-speed printing, manufacturers in the UV curing systems market are focusing on developing a high-quality UV LED curing system.


UV Curing System Gaining Traction in the Automotive Industry


UV curing systems are gaining traction in the automotive industry with extensive use of a UV light curing system for assembling and bonding applications in the automotive sector. In recent years, the use of medium pressure UV curing lamps has increased in the automotive industry. Moreover, UV curable coating is largely being applied to alloy wheels in order to protect the finish from ice, water, salt, light and scratch damage. These coatings on alloy wheels are exposed to medium pressure UV curing lamps for quick drying. Moreover, automotive manufacturers continue to focus on UV curable coatings for exterior paint finish. This has led to the development of robotic UV curing for automotive exteriors as a technically viable and cost-effective alternative for the UV curing system in the automotive industry.

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