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Solvent printer 2pass, 3pass, 4pass, 6pass what does that means?

In English, “pass” means “pass”. Would you pass” pass” on the printing device?!
I can say here, no. In spray printing industry, “pass” refers to the image forming need to print
the number of times (cover a number of the unit area), the higher the pass number printed the slower speed,
relative quality is better, not just on the contrary, usually in the UV printer and other inkjet printing equipment,
the more see more is a pass, 4 pass 6 printing. For example, if you type a 4PASS image,
each pixel point needs to be divided into 4 masking printings to complete,
usually adding the PASS number can improve the picture quality.
PASS stands for the number of times that the nozzle has to run to complete printing a row of images when printing.
The inkjet is a row printing method, and 4PASS is four times, and so on.

To complete the printing area requires several times of inkjet, called a few pass.
The stack connection of different pass Numbers will be different, and the color will be different.
PASS is usually in the UV printer, printer control software above has controllable options,
such as printers of the RIP software, the user at the time of printing can be set on the basis of the related to
PASS to print can let the printer print output perfect drawing picture.PASS number is related to printing precision,
mg游戏娱乐官网 and PASS number is different for different printing precision.