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Eco-solvent printer – A company from Romania

In its most recent projection of large-format graphics print volume in North America leading up to 2020 (see chart), Boston-based IDC indicates that it is rather bullish on the future of eco-solvents.

According to IDC’s Tim Greene: “Eco-solvent inkjet printers are widely used in the signage and graphics segment, particularly in the outdoor graphics segment。 We’ve seen that many eco-solvent printers remain in use for 7-10 years, so even as some PSPs invest in alternative technologies, they often keep their eco-solvent printers to do their banner, vehicle graphic, decals, and other work – for which eco-solvent is particularly useful。

“[As a result] IDC expects eco-solvent inkjet print volumes to continue to grow, albeit at a modest 1-2% per year, from 2015 through 2020.

“One other factor [that comes into play] is that some eco-solvent printers are modified for dye-sub printing, contributing to a slight decline in the eco-solvent installed base and a shift in the production volume. The speed and capabilities – such as higher image quality – that today’s eco-solvent inkjet printers are capable of, are expanding, which is enabling consolidation of print volume onto fewer eco-solvent printers and driving higher volumes of large format eco-solvent print through the installed base.”

Note: “Desktop LF” in the chart above includes 17- and 19-inch wide printers that are typically used for photography, fine art, and proofing – these are very low volume devices that [are] separated from conventional aqueous inkjet graphics printers.

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